Anything But The Same


Going into a new year, many of us are eager to make resolutions, to be determined to better ourselves; yet, as we conclude the first month of that new year, many have already given up. Why? Because it's easier to fall back into old habits. It's more comfortable to stay still than to push ourselves to greater heights. This year, I decided to write my personal and business goals down - on a big whiteboard (there's no ignoring it now). I want to challenge both myself and others to strive for better this year and to be ok with the necessary change that comes with that. 

Say the words “the same” three times, slowly.  It starts to sound a bit weird - like a M. Night Shamalan movie. I definitely don’t want to be the same; because, I believe people should evolve over time, to strive to learn and change. I'm not the same guy I was when I was 25, nor would I want to be. Would it be comfortable? Yes. Easy? Yes. But that's not how we improve.

At Westbrook Mercantile (yeah, we dropped the “R.” It just didn’t feel right and it was kind of a mouthful to be honest), we aimed to create a store you hadn't seen before. To offer different clothes, a new experience. And while 2018 was a good year for us, we are determined to keep pushing ourselves – and allowing you to push yourself – to try new stuff, do new things, start new conversations. 

We want to have new experiences, meet new people, and try new things every day. Recently, we were experiencing a faulty flipper on our 1960's pinball machine. In the midst of fumbling with YouTube videos and screwdrivers, our new friend, Dan, walks in. Exasperated, I said, “Dude, you’re not an electrical engineer by chance, are you?” And Dan said, “Well, actually, I am.” And he grabbed his tools, rolled up his sleeves, and fixed that sticky flipper, while we shared a beer. 

Here’s to you, Dan. For not being the same. For jumping in and doing something different on a Thursday night.  For being a willing, helpful, cool, wtf I’ll give you a hand kind of guy. For being part of our tribe. We love you, Dan. And we love all the other Dan’s, Corey’s, Ben’s, Eric’s, John’s, Mike’s, and Jason’s – guys that have shared a drink and a story; that have opened up; and have tried something new at our shop. You are the reason our New Year's resolution is to be better and do better; and the reason we're determined to stick with it.