Final Words

Straight up: we’re closing the brick and mortar version of Westbrook Mercantile. It does suck – no way around it. But not in a “4 seed flaming out in the first round” kinda way. More like in a “Jamaican bobsled team having a blast but not quite being able to medal” kind of way. 3/20 will be our last day. We’ll discount heavily and hope it finds its way into your closets and into your daily routine. It’s a tough call. But a good move – the right move – after enjoying the hell out of the short run and ready to hit the reset button. 
Please come visit before we hang it up. Let’s raise a toast and be glad for the unconventional run we had in this setting together. Also – to be clear: everything is on serious sale.  Closeout-Liquidation-Everything-Must-Go-Firesale. Faherty, M+M, Redwing, Studebaker – hell, all our gear.  The armadillo heads back home with me though.  
Since we opened shop not that long ago, we had hilarious, vulnerable, deep conversations with a whole helluva lot of neat people. We shared drinks. Broke things. Told stories. Played games. Made stuff. And had more drinks. 
Personally, I learned a ton. Tessa and Heather have been absolute rock stars and they learned a ton about how to deal with a dude like me. I figured out what I’m good at (and not). It became clear that I suck at the cash register. And folding stuff. And knowing how much things cost. And getting the Nintendo to work.  But I also learned what kind of lifestyle I want to manage and what I want to do. I love designing and launching things. I want to travel with my kids. And now I want to go do more of that.  Life is short. So I’m off to start working on all that again.
I absolutely loved meeting and hanging out with friends, new and old. It pains me to close shop and miss out on more of those interactions in this den of sorts – but I’m grateful for all the times I got to show people how good I was at Frogger.  And for all the times you didn’t say “Dude, enough Tribe Called Quest already.” 
Hope to see y’all soon – thank you so much for your support.