The Present of Being Present

In a season of hustle and bustle, the importance of being present and mindful becomes all the more necessary. I try to practice that mindset during my occasional time on a yoga mat and especially when I’m eating a warm chocolate croissant from Graze. But lately I’ve found that looking forward and backwards – reflecting on the finite nature of things – makes me appreciate all this at a broader, equally satisfying level. Deep thought by Jack Handy? Maybe not – but here are a few things that fall into that category for me right now, why they’re relevant, and perhaps mildly useful for things like this in your life. 

My kids that still like to be tickled. I’m pretty sure that adult children don’t appreciate being tickled before bedtime – so I’m going to enjoy it while they’re still small(er) and laugh heartily. That window is shrinking. 

Running around a soccer field. I calculated that I have about 10 years and 250 competitive games of soccer left in my joints. I missed a game last week because I entered it wrong into my iPhone calendar. (I showed up as my team walked off the pitch and still drank beer for longer than I should have on a Tuesday night). Knowing that this period of life is finite helps me appreciate each and every game my knees and ankles still permit. 

The startup phase of this shop. The learning, mistakes, uncertainty, growth – it’s all getting squished into a finite, tiny period that won’t come again. It’s exciting, uncertain, and nerve-racking – but I appreciate it because this phase will be gone soon. 

Same is true for the Farmers Market on the Square. And for the first weeks in a new house. Same is true for the winter pop-up we have with Grasshopper Goods. And for the Holidays – and these cold months.  And the shrinking trough of Halloween candy. Thinking about the short-lived nature of all this makes me grateful for wherever I am and whatever life affords right now.  Excuse me while I warm up a chocolate croissant to eat on my yoga mat.