How is status determined?
Status is determined by the number of points earned. Each member is automatically enrolled at 8-Bit (or Level 1). To move to 16-Bit (Level 2), a member must earn 10,000 points, and to move to 32-Bit (Level 3), a member must earn 20,000 points. These points must be earned within one member year, or within 365 days of signing up. 

Will I get points from purchases made prior to the launch of the program?
Yes! We will apply all points from past purchases at the base rate of $1=10 points.

Can I sign up other people?
Unfortunately, no. Members must sign themselves up using a valid name and email address.

Can I combine points from different accounts?
No, points are non-transferrable and redeemable only by the user.

What happens if I return items?
Points from returned items will be deducted from your account. 

Are there costs to join?
No, there are no costs associated with becoming a member. 

How do I join?
A person can sign up by going to the website – rwestbrook.com – or signing up in-store. 

How do I check my point status?
Points can be checked by logging into your account on the website – westbrookmercantile.com – or asking an in-store associate.

Can someone else use my rewards points?
No, points are redeemable only by the account holder.

Do my points expire?
Points will only expire if your account as been inactive for a year (no purchases have been made). If your account has been inactive for a year, then your points will no longer exist.  

How long do I keep my status for?
Status lasts for one member year (365 days from sign up) and will carry over pending the amount of points earned. A member’s status for the next member year will depend on the amount of points they have at the start of that year. In order to maintain status, a member must earn that many points for the next year.

If I forgot to log in when I make a purchase, can I still receive points?
Yes! Just bring your receipt into the store, and an associate can grant your points for you. 

Can I combine offers?
Yes, offers can be combined (up to $30) as long as they are from the same account.

How can I use my rewards in store?
Just present your offer or ask an associate to pull up your account.

Who can join?
Anyone 18 years of age or older can become a member. 

What can I use my rewards dollars on?
Rewards dollars can be used on any full-price merchandise unless otherwise stated in your reward coupon or in-store. Sales and gift cards are excluded.

What are birthday gifts?
Birthday gifts are select products you receive in-store for no cost.

What are surprise gifts?
Surprise gifts are items you will receive at checkout at random times throughout the year.

What are member only sales?
These are sales on select items that are only available to members (all levels). These  

What are the exclusive events?
Exclusive events are available only to our top members. More details about these events are released prior to the event date.

Have any other questions?
Call the store, stop by, or contact us at email at howdy@rwestbrook.com.